Deacon Gallery, Wake Forest University School of Medicine

Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Winston-Salem, NC
Peter Hyde Design
Peter Hyde, Lead Exhibit Designer
James Silva, Senior Graphic Designer
Bethany Fleming, Exhibit Developer
David Catalano, Senior Exhibit Designer
Fabricator / Project Management
Xibitz Inc.
2,000+ SF
Opened August, 2016

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Exhibit Development

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  • The Deacon Gallery exhibit celebrates the history, alumni, staff, students and donors of the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. The gallery serves as the epicenter for alumni programs, tours of the school and as a meeting place for students with staff, alumni and donors. The main idea of the experience is the people of Wake Forest School of Medicine and the cycle of impact created through their scholarship and role in Medical education, their dedication to health and clinical care, their advocacy and care in general, their camaraderie and their inspiration to one another in their everyday work and their innovations.

    As visitors enter the Gallery they approach a large-scale graphic of the people of the School of Medicine welcoming them in and revealing glimpses of the School of Medicines’ impact, on each other and on the community, local and global.

    The first large ‘attract’ graphic serves as a bookend to the experience, with the large and small conference room glass walls serving as the other bookend to the space. The three sets of interactive monitor columns reveal people who make the School of Medicine through various interactive activities such as the yearbook, looking up alumni connections, a timeline and more. The introduction area will transition visitors into the main content of the space, encouraging them to further explore the interconnection of the main ‘themes’ or ‘drivers’ of both the Gallery experience, and WFSOM: Clinical, Education, Research and Innovation and the people that make them all happen for WFSOM and for the community with whom they interact.

  • Photo by Martin Baumgaertner
  • Photo by Martin Baumgaertner
  • Photo by Martin Baumgaertner