Working with Peter Hyde and his team brought more than just a wonderful exhibition design to the National Hellenic Museum. Peter's methods helped us develop a project that not only tells a compelling story but one that has attracted new visitors, engaged them in the exhibit, and ultimately made them more interested in the exhibit subject and our museum.

Bethany Fleming
(Former) Director of Museum Experience
National Hellenic Museum
  • Services

  • Exhibition Design

    Exhibition Design is an interpretive planning and design process to develop the conceptual framework of the exhibit content, apply that throughout the design process to the final installation of the three dimensional design, environmental graphics, interior design, interactives and media. The Exhibition Design process is fully interwoven with the content development process to best convey the communication and educational goals of the content developed in collaboration with the client.

    Branded Experience Design

    We believe that producing a great branded experience design will both build awareness of the client’s project and differentiate them in their marketplace. The goal of creating branded interiors or exteriors and/or branded experiences for guests, customers, staff or stakeholders, is to visually build an identity that creates a relationship between the brand and the individual. Projects can include corporate environments, retail displays, events, visitor centers, museums and public spaces.

    Master Planning

    Master Planning is the comprehensive long range planning for a new or existing institution, large project or combination of projects. Its scope can range in size and complexity based on the planning needs of the client. The objective of the Master Plan is to form a concrete set of documentation that provides a clear and thought-out plan to achieve the client’s goals interpretively, financially, educationally, operationally and above all, strategically.

    Commercial Interior Design

    Peter Hyde Design provides commercial interior design services that are tailored to the objectives, taste and budget of our clients. Projects have ranged from event spaces, technology showrooms, and offices to educational environments.

    Broadcast Set Design

    Peter Hyde Design has extensive experience in designing broadcast sets for sports shows, talk shows, hard news, press conferences, and corporate clients. Peter Hyde’s portfolio includes projects for CNN, MSNBC, Alhurra TV, Sky News, Martha Stewart, Big Ten Networks, Chicago Bears Network and First Rule Film and Broadcast.


    We offer hand sketch and rendering, 3D computer modeling and fully finished computer rendering. We incorporate 3D modeling and rendering into our design process throughout all design phases to provide the best pre-visual understanding for our clients.

    Environmental Graphic Design and Production

    Graphic design is a fully integrated feature of all design projects at Peter Hyde Design. Environmental or experiential graphic design is an integral part of defining a space, is incorporated into the built-environment and enriches the audience experience beyond the informational level. We offer full graphic design services for interpretive graphics, environmental graphics, branding, way finding and graphic production services.

    Exhibit Development and Curatorial

    Peter Hyde Design offers full exhibit development and interpretive services to develop and curate content for our clients. Each client needs a different level of interpretive services and we tailor the scope of each project to meet those needs from a large museum institution to the corporate client.

    Label Copy Writing

    The right voice is a cornerstone to conveying the client’s content to their target audience. We offer label copy writing services by matching the right writer to the right content and voice for the audience.